Services Agreement Stripe

We may refuse, condition or suspend transactions that we believe could: (i) violate this agreement or other agreements you have with Stripe; (ii) are not authorized, fraudulent or illegal; or (iii) you expose yourself to stripes or other unacceptable risks for stripe. If we suspect or you know that you are using or have used the Services for unauthorized, fraudulent or illegal purposes, we may disclose all information relating to these activities to the financial institution, supervisory authority or law enforcement authority, in accordance with our legal obligations. This information may contain information about you, your Stripe account, your customers, and transactions made through your use of the Services. c. Compliance: You will at all times comply with all applicable laws and regulations, payment network rules (including network rules), agreements with third parties that bind you and this Connect Platform Agreement. If you are the sole owner, you and your representative also represent that your representative is personally responsible for your use of the Services and your obligations to customers, including the payment of an amount due under this Agreement. Stripe grants you a non-exclusive, continuing license to electronically access and use Stripe`s intellectual property in the manner described in this Agreement. Stripe does not sell Stripe`s intellectual property to you and you do not have the right to sublicense its use. We may update Stripe`s intellectual property or automatically provide them with new services, which Stripe publishes electronically, but we may require that you be able to take certain steps before you can use Stripe`s intellectual property or new services (including activating the dashboard or accepting new terms or others). Stripe may revoke or terminate this license at any time if you use Stripe`s intellectual property in a manner prohibited by this Agreement. Stripe Connect allows Connect Platforms to help you use the Services, which may include the ability for you to receive payments for goods and services, or to receive charitable or campaign donations. A Connect Platform may help you to create your Stripe Account, ou to integrate your existing Stripe Account with the Connect Platform. A Connect Platform may also perform activities on your behalf, provided that this is in accordance with your Platform Agreement.

You should carefully read your Platform Agreement in order to understand the nature of the Platform Services and the activities that a Connect Platform may perform on your behalf. Stripe is not a Connect Platform and only provides the services described in this Linked Account Agreement and the Strip Services Agreement. Stripe has designed the APIs that can be used to access services and provides access to those APIs. You may use the APIs only as you see in the documentation to process transactions or use the services on the websites and through the applications listed in your Stripe account….