We Have Made A Covenant With Death And With Hell Are We At Agreement

11:22 And with the arms of a flood, they will be flown over before him, and they will break; Yes, even the head of the Union. „We have made an alliance with death – we cannot assume that they have said it formally, but that their behaviour is as if they have said so. they lived safely, as if they had entered into a pact where death had not destroyed them and hell had not consumed them. The character is very daring and must express the extraordinary stupidity of the nation. It is most striking to describe the great mass of people. They are as un frightened by death and hell, as if they had condensed themselves with the king of terror and the prince of darkness, that they had not destroyed them. Nor are they moved by the evangelical calls, by the alarms of Providence, by the proclamation of his word and by all the manifestations that they are exposed to eternal death, as if they had proved that there was no hell, or that they had received a solemn covenant so that they might be worried. A similar number occurs at Job 5:23; because you`ll be with the stones of the platoon in the league. And the animals of the fields will be at peace with you. 5:18,19 Woe to those who draw iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin like a chariot rope: It is said that one has made an alliance with death and an agreement with hell. They did so because they have made lies their refuge and are trying to hide under untruths.

It is clearly stated in Hosea chapter 10:13 that „you ate the fruit of lies, because you trusted your way… Verses 16-22 Here is a promise from Christ, the only foundation of hope to escape the anger that is coming. This reason was laid in Zion, in the eternal guidance of God. This foundation is a stone, solid and able to support his church. It is a tempted stone, a chosen stone, approved by God, and never failed that tries it. A corner stone that connects the entire building and carries all the weight; precious in the eyes of the Lord and of every believer; a safe base on which to build. And he who, at every age or in every nation, will believe this witness and abandon on this basis all his hopes and his soul that never dies, will never be confused. The good effect of faith in Christ is to calm and calm the soul until events are intertwined by him, who always has in his own hand and power. Everything that men believe to justify, except the righteousness of Christ; or for wisdom, strength and holiness, with the exception of the influences of the Holy Spirit; or fortunately, except the grace of God; this protection, in which they thought they were protecting themselves, will not be sufficient to meet the intent.

Those who rest in their own righteousness will have been mistaken: the bed is too short, the ceiling too narrow. God will be glorified in the fulfillment of his advice. If those who profess as members of the Church of God are like Philistines and Canaanies, they should expect to be treated as such. So don`t dare ridicule the rebukes of the Word of God or the approximations of judgments. Isaiah 28:18 (YLT) Your covenant is fallen from death, and your decree with The Sheol is not written: An overflowing plague, when it passes, you have come to him to find a place of pedableness. 13. But rather, „That is why,“ that is, because „they would not hear“ (Isaiah 28:12). For them to go – the result conceived to those who, from a lack of will, far from taking advantage of the type of instruction of God, „Instruction on instruction“, have managed to enter into a stumbling block (Hosea 6:5 , 8:12 , Matthew 13:14).