Vendor Rebate Agreement Tcode

Shows only the open agreement requirements that are attached to the agreement. The Dates tab fields are used to illustrate all date type information associated with the agreement. Date types are assigned to contract types in the configuration, date information is included in an agreement based on this adaptation. This tab is only available if the chord type is configured for the use of the new price module. The area indicates the specific area that is derived when a state search is used to obtain territorial information in the agreement. In the chord configuration, there is a flag with the word „Program“ that needs to be checked to use this feature. The type of date indicates different types of dates that can be tracked with respect to contract bookings. For example, it is possible to keep a type of date for „re;renewal notification“ in order to track and report on processing times related to the extension of the agreement. The Administration Data tab contains the management information for the agreement, z.B. Creation and editing information. Revision No. is displayed in an agreement, if a request for agreement is established and posted to revise an existing agreement, that scope is filled with the number of the revision of the agreement.

If three requests for agreement were sent, this field would be filled with a „3.“ If there are no revisions, this field is empty. This is an optional field when creating a contract. It can be entered at the time of creation or through the Organization tab for a specific agreement. Note that attribute testing is done at the model level and not at the agreement level. The Organization tab fields are used to illustrate all the organizational data associated with the agreement. The grid in the Rules tab is used to add a summary price sheet of all active price sheets in the agreement or each price sheet can be displayed through the News Sheet drop-down page. All active sheets in the agreement have a parenthesis next to the price sheet name with the total number of condition data inside. The description identifies the description of the agreement (for example. B the conclusion of the sale, the promotion).

What inputs are needed to implement the credit delivery feature. B, for example, if two agree requirements (`A` and `B` are available) and a requirement for agreement (`C`) are available. The revision numbers will be: the Price Book tab displays all price books created for a particular agreement. A price book is similar to a catalog given to a customer who indicates materials with prices and discounts, so that he can refer to them when ordering. Changing the menu option > changing the agreement requirement is used to create an agreement request based on an agreement. The Partners tab is used to include all partners associated with the agreement. Partners can be derived on the basis of contractual rules (for example. B customer and equipment). The search for partners is defined by the logic of the search for conditions and assigned to the type of contract.

The partners found are filled in the Partners tab in the agreement. This can be used to determine the administration/revenue of the agreement, as well as for the authorization and management of workflows.