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Companies can apply from May 1, 2020. For more information, visit the Territory Revenue Office. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, the weakening of ongoing business management strategies from the point of view of corporate governance, which should be considered by boards of directors, implies that these flexibilities complement existing rights under the law, distinctions and enterprise agreements. They are valid until September 27, 2020. Both the Treasurer`s amendment to the Corporations Act and the ASIC guidelines provide additional details on the manner of the meeting without delaying the meeting itself. We discuss this in more detail in the section „Can a public company that has already convened a meeting move to a „virtual“ meeting?. Western Australia has amended its planning right to allow the Planning Minister to grant exemptions from planning requirements while the state of emergency is in effect. Exceptions may be granted, among other things, with respect to the planning authorization requirement, the admissibility of land use, or a requirement for consultation, advertising, application, time or form. A waiver must be required to facilitate or recover the response to the emergency deed. The government announced the following measures: the ACT government has committed to implementing a $351 million economic survival package to help the ACT community through the COVID 19 pandemic.

Emergency measures have been implemented under the COVID-19 Emergency Response Act 2020 (ACT), which has been in effect since April 8, 2020 for a 12-month year. The manner in which the document is executed must be consistent with the law of the place where it is signed or the applicable legislation. The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) does not prevent employees from working remotely, but Australian data protection principles will continue to apply. The ICAO proposes that a Data Protection Impact Analysis (PIA) can be useful for assessing and reducing risks for personal data. ICAO also notes that Commonwealth government authorities are required to implement an IAP that presents a high-risk data protection project, which includes new channels for processing personal data. Other useful advice from ICAO on the protection of personal data at work remotely: to apply, members must meet certain eligibility criteria, including whether they are unemployed, receiving certain social security benefits or having been laid off on 1 January 2020 or after 1 January 2020, or that their working time is reduced by 20% or more. Members who are individual entrepreneurs whose activity has been suspended or who have experienced a 20% or more drop in turnover may also apply. Members must submit their applications directly to the ATO. Once the ATO has made a decision on the member`s application, directors must pay benefits as soon as possible, without the requirement of an additional member request. However, the employer should allow the worker to work from home if he or she is good enough to do so and it is possible for the worker to perform his duties at home.

Be aware of the other side. It could be said that it was unacceptable for a tenant not to pay rent to the landlord, not because of the landlord`s misconduct, but because a state order prevented him from doing business.