Rgu Tenancy Agreement

The „rental conditions“ of your site are the legal document that describes the contractual agreement between a student residing in the institution and the university. The first staggered payment and rental deposit are due 10 and 9 days before the start of your rental, and the good news is that you will get the deposit back if, at the end of your stay, nothing is due for damages or unpaid rents! Details of the report on maintenance and repair problems. . The weekly meal plan of 57 euros gives you the opportunity to buy meals, hot drinks and snacks whenever and wherever you want. If you`re really stuck and traditional search portals don`t do the trick, then you might get a glimpse of some social media groups. RGU:Move is a student-run Facebook group, in which landlords can post on their available real estate and post tenants of their interest or what they are looking for. RGU:Move is a useful place to look if you are stuck; However, note that this website and its auction positions 1) have not been formally controlled by RGU:Union and/or Robert Gordon University, and 2) the legitimacy of a contribution cannot be verified by RGU:Union and/or Robert Gordon University. It is important that you complete the online inventory form within 7 days of moving in, as this could result in a burden on residents for damage they have not caused. You will receive an email once you have moved into the accommodation to remind you to do so, this will be supplemented by the eAccommodation portal. A room inspection can be arranged before departure. Keys must be handed over immediately after the check.

You can find general information about payment plans and prices on the cost page. The postal addresses of the dwelling are as follows: Broken glass or other sharp objects should not be placed in a garbage can in your home. It must be placed in a recycling bin or box or wrapped in a newspaper and placed in an external garbage can. Other sharp objects must either be wrapped in a box or wrapped in a newspaper and placed directly in an external bin. Trigger the alarm at the nearest break point. Leave the building, close the doors and windows and go to the day`s point. Find the person responsible and give details of the location of the fire. Stay outside the building until you are told it is safe to return. If you leave the student institution permanently, you can have your mail redirected by the Post Office Keys for Adam Smith House, Fyfe House, Wavell House, Grant Court, Keith House, Hector Boece Court, New Carnegie Court, North Court and South House, you can be picked up at reception in the headspace building of the Hillhead Student Village in Don Street, Old Aberdeen AB24 1WU. Join your home or flat group here.