With What Does Faust Sign His Agreement With Mephistopheles

One of the first historical references to a pact is in the story of the Theophile of Adana of the sixth century, a priest who would have signed a pact with the devil in his own blood and who dispossessed Jesus and Mary to make the devil the bishop. Faust, however, ate down his expectations. He doubts the devil can show him anything really esem. Faust suspects that he will offer her „food that does not satisfy“ and riches that do not remain. He`s going to offer her sports without a winner or false love. He will give her honours that are not of the duration. Mephistopheles contradicts these accusations and tells him that such treasures will be easy to produce, but that there will be a time when both will want to wallow in the free time that such amenities will bring. Mexican comedian Chespirito acted like a fist in a sketch adaptation of the legend. Ramon Valdez played Mephistopheles (who also presents himself as the devil), and in this special version, Faust sells his soul by signing a contract under which Mephistopheles gives him an object known as „Chirrén-Chirriin“ (which looks like a horse whip) that gives him the power to make things appear or disappear, people or even teenagers or teenagers , by speaking the name of the object. followed by the word „Chirrén“ (for them) or „Chirriin“ (for her, disappear). Once Faust`s youth is restored, he tries with his powers to win the heart of his assistant Margarita (played by Florinda Meza). But after several failed (and funny) attempts to do so, he discovers that she already has a friend, and realizes that he has sold his soul for nothing.

It was at this time that Mephistopheles returned to bring Faust`s soul to hell and produced the contract signed in support of his claims. Faust responds by using the Chirrén-Chirriin to make the contract itself disappear, which makes Mephistopheles cry. The second part begins with the spirits of the earth, the fist (and the rest of humanity) forgiven, and develops into allegorical poetry. Faust and his devil cross the world of politics and the world of classical gods and meet Helen of Troy (the personification of beauty). Finally, Faust, having managed to tame the forces of war and nature, experiences a moment of unique happiness. Also know what is the agreement between Faust and Mephistopheles? A pact with the devil is a dangerous thing, because the only thing the devil wants is the soul of man, and he will do everything to get it: he will lie, cheat and cheat.