University Of Guelph Faculty Agreement

The university should inform you if you are entitled to the pension plan, but you should always keep an overview to make sure there is no mistake. If you think an error has occurred and you should be in the pension plan but you are not present, you should contact HR Partner for your service. If you do not know who the service partner is for your department, contact hr Reception at ext. 53374 for information. The university and LOCAL 4120 ratified their collective renewal agreement on September 14, 2020. Please register to access the COMPATIBLE WITH THE ETC Local 4120 agreement. The Employment Standards Act (ESA) defines rest periods that affect the number of hours you can work in a day. You should always have at least 11 consecutive hours of rest per day (for example. B you may not have set exam and marking time, so you must complete the marking at midnight and be vigilant the next day at 8am).

You also need a lunch break every 5 hours. These forms are all internal to the local and relate to benefits, appointments or programs/funds that we have negotiated with the employer in collective bargaining. Your contribution rates for the pension plan are as follows: If you are below the YMPE it is 7.30% this year, and 7.55% as of September 1, 2018If you make it above the YMPE, it`s 9% this year, and 9.25% as of September 1, 2018See contributions can continue during unpaid periods (as in summer), but you must pay double the normal pension contributions based on your salary rate. . Technical/administration, research/agriculture (O.S.S.T.F./T.A.R.A.) The ONA is the sole and exclusive bargaining partner for all registered and graduate nurses at the University of Guelph who are employed in a care function in their Guelph Student Health Services department, with the exception of the Director, Student Health Services and those employed above the rank of Director, Student Health Services. as far as possible. If you are directly threatened or your safety is at risk, report the incident immediately to your supervisor or campus police and speak to your union representative as soon as possible. If your safety is at risk, you have the right to refuse to work.

Bishop`s University Teachers` Association – APBU Cape Breton University Faculty Association – CBUFA The P.S.A. is the representative of all full-time, contract and part-time executives. Applications from the previous year can be submitted until 15 September of the current year (if the benefit pool is not exhausted). The University recognizes the United Steelworkers (CTE) as the sole and exclusive bargaining partner for all respondents who work or usually do much of their work on their Guelph campus.