Ontario Deposit Return Program Agreement

„EBDs“, distributors of empty bottles that, at BRI`s discretion, have been authorized from time to time to provide distribution services to customers who have purchased products sold through BRI Stores, BRI Distribution Centers, agency stores, LCBO and New Outlets; The future of an „advanced and efficient“ recycling program operated by The Beer Store is in the air, as negotiations between the consortium it owns and the Ontario government heat up. „deposit,“ the down payment on a regulated container in the amount shown in Table 1, which is recovered and transferred under Ontario`s reserve recovery program; („recipient“) In accordance with Schedule 1 Part G, the BIS maintains all necessary records to justify all royalties and payments under this contract and authorizes and assists the department in carrying out the audits and performance audits defined in Part G of Schedule 1. The BIS and the Department recognize and agree that reporting and response and adaptation protocols established in accordance with Schedule 1 Part G apply when these departmental audits or performance audits result in the detection of differences in taxes or refunded filings, whether these discrepancies are intended for the BIS or the department. BIS is committed to implementing empty refund guidelines for BIS beer containers and program containers accepted or collected by the BIS in accordance with the deposit system and to identify and regularly transmit to the Ministry procedures for identifying and not accepting containers other than program containers, and sending them regularly to the ministry. The ministry and the LCBO recognize that any disparity resulting from the collection or acceptance by ERBs of alcohol containers that have not been purchased in the province of Ontario, provided that the BIS guidelines, which contain the above procedures, are not established and maintained, are not subject to adjustments and do not constitute a breach of their BIS obligations. In order to avoid any doubt, LCBO does not have review rights. Assumptions and refunds – subject to Section 1.1.6 of Calendar 1, BRI EBDS accepts returns of empty containers and secondary packaging during their normal operating hours and cash refunds. If, after a period of one hundred and eighty (180) days, the BIS and the Department are unable to agree, if necessary, to adjust the fees, the existing commissions will remain in effect until these dispute resolution procedures, in accordance with the dispute resolution procedures in Part H of this calendar, are adjusted, if any, retroactively from the date of implementation of the amendment to the filings and/or categories; however, if no fee changes have occurred when containers of one type of program are introduced into the payment system after September 1, 2011 (or modifications to existing program containers), they contain materials or are made up of materials that are not included in the filing system at the time of that date (or the relative composition of material changes after that date) are added to the existing deposit of „Tetra Pak (polycoat) and bag-in-a box less or equal to or equal to 630mL“ or „Tetra Pak (Polycoat) and bag-in-a box of more than 630 mL“.