Nursing Affiliation Agreement

All non-UM care schools require a membership agreement and an addendum of care program between Michigan medicine. It is only used a model approved by the University of Michigan Health System for an agreement. Please do not send us your master`s contract. Minor changes may be requested by the Nursing School (SON) for review, but no major changes are accepted. In addition, only certain individuals have the right to negotiate and execute membership agreements on behalf of Michigan Medicine. This should NOT be the information of your instructor/adviser, unless they are the person who also facilitates the contract. Therefore, all affiliate agreements come from our University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) Contracting Office. An affiliate agreement is a contract between American Sentinel and your chosen institution, in which you wish to perform the practical exercises. Most (but not all) facilities require this agreement, and American Sentinel will work with the facility to finalize one. However, the university does not require an accession agreement. An affiliation agreement between American Sentinel and a health facility does not guarantee that a student is authorized or authorized to take predetermined practice experience courses within that institution. Both the institution and the American Sentinel University must accept the terms or agreement is not fully implemented. The contracting process can take up to 16 weeks depending on the length of time it takes the nursing school and the UMHS contract office to reach agreement on the terms.

Please send the contract request using the time frames below. This ensures a reasonable period of time for the contract to be concluded, your school to register with ACEMAPP (if necessary) and file your placement application. The American Sentinel University (AA) enters into cooperation agreements with third-party institutions to allow students to follow a best practice experience at the institution. The practical experiences are valid for all MSN and DNP students. Please send the information below to april Stingo in so that the process can begin to receive the contract. Accepted practical experiments (IPIs) take place at your workplace or at another health site. PSA requires you to identify and receive a teacher who meets the requirement for a teacher and is employed where you want to complete the PPE.