Ec Collective Agreement Rates Of Pay

The work includes research, review, analysis and interpretation of case law, rights, contracts and self-management agreements, policies and procedures, as well as an understanding of the nature, priority, effect and validity of claims, positions, alternatives and conclusions presented by other parties at the negotiating table in a given geographic area. The work includes identifying and developing appropriate mandates and strategies to address a balanced approach between the concerns of governments, Aboriginal groups and third parties. Moreover, the work requires considerable discernment and innovation, given that negotiations are extremely complex and the development of arguments is submitted to the other parties to the negotiations. In addition, the work is complex, as negotiations often change themes and priorities and are motivated by financial, legal, political and international aspects, particularly by everyone`s perception of how government balances competitive interest in different groups. At grade 5, the job requires communication skills to adapt complex specialized information, in order to obtain the collaboration and agreement of others. Communication implies consensus on approaches in which the objectives are not clear. The work requires knowledge of the theories and principles of negotiations, including the definition and guarantee of agreement on the issues to be negotiated and the objectives of the negotiations; Determining the primary interest of other pages and closing techniques. This information is necessary to complete the negotiations. This knowledge is used to develop negotiating strategies to ensure that negotiations and agreements are consistent with the Division`s policies and priorities; That the Division`s objectives, relevant statutes, legal principles and jurisdictional issues be properly taken into account in negotiated debt and self-management agreements; Consider the core interests and concerns of other government agencies in negotiations to ensure acceptance and simplify the implementation of the agreements. Access our summary of all the new provisions of the collective agreement. Under guidance, the work requires assessing the capabilities of data systems to meet users` needs, maintain and update a statistical database, modify and process data to generate tables, diagrams and data files.