Coca Cola Bottling Franchise Agreement

Coca-Cola Company continues to grow and venture to meet the needs of consumers in terms of soft drinks. The company`s strength is based on quality products, the strength of the company`s brand image and the relationships That Coca-Cola has established with its franchisees and customers. Consumers want to partner with brands they know and, most importantly, brands that have gained a high reputation over a long period of time. When faced with choice, the consumer will prefer the brand that he knows is of the highest quality. Coca-Cola`s future depends on the relationships established by its bottling distributors with the wholesalers and retailers they supply. Strong and lasting relationships within the supply chain that lead to the consumer are essential. For Coca-Cola Enterprises, this means listening carefully to major retailers and retailers to determine what kind of product requirements they have, for example. B container size and the types of packaging most likely to be sold in retail stores. The franchise bottler provides the necessary capital investments for land, buildings, machinery and equipment, trucks, bottles and crates. Where possible, most supplies come from local sources, often creating new supply industries and jobs in the local economy. The company ships syrup or concentrate to bottling facilities, where franchisees mix it with sugar and process and char local water.

Water is purified to the highest standards with Coca-Cola appliances. Samples are collected regularly for chemical analysis and Coca-Cola employees conduct regular surveys to ensure that the facilities meet the company`s cleanliness and quality standards. Coca-Cola offers its franchisees access to state of the art equipment that is necessary to meet the company`s high standards. The benefits to the franchisee are immense. Above all, they are able to manufacture well-known products, they have exclusive rights in a particular area and they can benefit from technical advice and support from the franchisor. In addition, in the case of Coca-Cola, the franchisee can benefit from the size of the organization, which allows it to acquire production facilities based on the most modern technologies at a lower price.